Lesson 8: Supplementary Vocabulary

This lesson will focus on teaching you vocabulary. The best way to learn vocabulary for a foreign language is to simply try and memorize it. Using flash cards can help you easily memorize many vocabulary words. Also, practicing your new vocabulary on a daily basis will help ingrain the words into your brain. Take a look at the supplementary vocabulary listed below and the example sentences (some of this vocabulary may be a review).

Hiragana/Katakana Romaji English
いま ima now
あの ano um
えいご eigo English
がくせい gakusei student
せんせい sensei teacher
こうこう koukou high school
がっこう gakkou school
だいがく daigaku college
だいがくせい daigakusei college student
Xねんせい X-nensei year of school (Replace X with a number)
Xさい X-sai year of age (Replace X with a number)
Xじ X-ji time (Replace X with a number)
Xじん X-jin nationality (Replace X with country)
せんもん senmon major (in college)
ともだち tomodachi friend
なまえ namae name
でんわ denwa telephone (landline)
ばんごう bangou number
りゅうがくせい ryuugakusei international student
かがく kagaku science (major)
れきしがく rekishigaku history (major)
けいざい keizai economics (major)
せいじ seiji politics (major)
ぶんがく bungaku literature (major)
しごと shigoto job, occupation
かいしゃいん kaishain company employee, general term
こうこうせい koukousei high school student
だいがくいんせい daigakuinsei graduate student
べんごし bengoshi lawyer

Once you have reviewed the above vocabulary, take a look at the practice sentences below. These sentences include some of the words listed above.

わたしはだいがくせいです。(Watashi wa daigakusei desu.)

I am a college student.

わたしはじゅうななさいです。(Watashi wa jyuunana sai desu.)

I am 17 years old.

でんわばんごうはなんですか。(Denwa bangou wa nan desu ka.)

What is your phone number?

わたしはにほんじんです。(Watashi wa nihonjin desu.)

I am Japanese.

しごとはどうですか。(Shigoto wa dou desu ka.)

How is your job?

せんもんはなんですか。(Senmon wa nan desu ka.)

What is your major?

わたしのせんもんはれきしがくです。(Watashi no senmon wa rekishigaku desu.)

My major is history.

えいごをはなしますか。(Eigo wo hanashimasu ka.)

Do you speak English?

にほんごをはなしますか。(Nihongo wo hanashimasu ka.)

Do you speak Japanese?いまなんじですか。(Ima nanji desu ka.)

What time is it right now?

4 thoughts on “Lesson 8: Supplementary Vocabulary”

  1. There is a mistake:
    わたしはななじゅうさいです。(Watashi wa nanajyuu sai desu.)
    I am 17 years old.

    It should be: I am 70 years old

    1. Gomen nasai!

      Thanks for letting me know. I corrected it within the lesson. Sometimes I type so fast I a simple phrases gets switched around!! Thanks for catching it ^^

  2. Xさい X-sai year of age (Replace X with a number)

    Isn’t there a special word for when you turn 20 or something? (I remember being told that there is a special age and thus it gets a special word.)

    1. Hello there!

      Yes, there is a special term for when you turn 20. It’s はたち. So instead of using さい, you would simply say わたしははたちです.

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